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Scandinavian Simplicity

Alligator is a Swedish invention, patented worldwide selling products and guaranteed quality. It’s a must-have wonder in home and professional kitchens.

Invigorate your cooking expertise with this excellent food cutting tool. Achieve professional results without any particular skills or talent. Perfect for onions, garlic, fruit, vegetables, and more.

  • Very safe and simple to use
  •  Premium stainless steel blades
  •  Dishwasher safe, so cleanup is a breeze

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Like all magnificent things, it's very simple!

Just open the Alligator, set your uncut food directly under the knife grid, and press down, that’s it!

Vegetable chopper and slicer. Safe food cutters for fast preparation.

Great Time Saver

By R. A. Timlick on 11 Nov. 2008
Brilliant product, as long as you remember to chop in half before slicing into tiny pieces, more force required to chop a whole onion! It makes those quick stir fry meals even quicker. Less time for eyes to burn and kitchen to smell, I love it!

5.0 out of 5 stars It was very good but after a few years of service it gave ...

By Millennium on 7 July 2015
I used to have the plastic version of this with a fixed blade. It was very good but after a few years of service it gave up the ghost. This version has interchangeable blades which are easy to clip in and out. It is very solid and is great to use.
Although pricey, I believe it's worth every penny.

Just Great

By Mrs ERW Burtonon 8 May 2016
Saw this being used by my daughter in law in California - brought home her recipes and HAD to buy this food chopper! It's great - everything chopping into even little squares and very attractive salads as a result!

Great product

By jbon 19 April 2016
I took a punt on this, and am very glad I did. It chops onions in seconds - exactly what it promises to do. Note that to dice an onion, you need to cut the onion lengthwise initially.

 Reviews source: Amazon (Verified Purchases) 

Recent reviews

Mathias Engdahl in San Francisco, CA on Houzz

What the users say...

By John Eon August 27, 2016
Verified Purchase

Terrific tool
By Sandra riley on June 16, 2015
Verified Purchase
Already had one I use, now got one for our Senior Center. This is the best tool for chopping onions, potatoes, tomatoes, etc. use every day and easy to clean.

Best onion chopper
By PHH on June 14, 2016
Verified Purchase
Great item I also have the plastic version but which is a lot more flimsy,this is definitely the one to get.

By BRANDY on August 7, 2016
Verified Purchase
Very well made, easy to use, exactly as shown, love the tool.

Well worth the cost!
By Mrs drchitty on December 10, 2016
Verified Purchase
This is a great chopper. I love the littl grid that pulls out all the bits that accumulate in the base.
Very sturdy and well worth the price.

Five Stars
By Max The Piano Player on May 6, 2015
Verified Purchase
Every kitchen should have one of these. We have two.

worth the money
By Amazon Customer on June 12, 2015
Verified Purchase
does not have plastic ears to break off works really well

Love the different size grates
By Kelly Wilson on July 10, 2015
Verified Purchase
Fabulous! Love the different size grates.

It was very good but after a few years of service it gave ...
By Millennium on 7 July 2015
Verified Purchase
I used to have the plastic version of this with a fixed blade. It was very good but after a few years of service it gave up the ghost. This version has interchangeable blades which are easy to clip in and out. It is very solid and is great to use.
Although pricey, I believe it's worth every penny.
Note that it's not dishwasher safe (although it has been through mine by mistake)!

By Mr Philip McManus on 19 Jan. 2016
Verified Purchase
Fantastic product, i still have the plastic version of the Aligator which works perfectly and is extremely well made and durable, but the Stainless version is even better, thoroughly recommend this product to anyone. Superb.

... to replace an old plastic Alligator - which was good. However
By The Old Brown Dog on 6 Mar. 2016
Verified Purchase
Purchased to replace an old plastic Alligator - which was good. However, this is much better. When cutting hard veg it does not flex like the old plastic one. The collector on the top is so useful too.

Delighted with this product
By Kindle Customer on 19 August 2016
Verified Purchase
Had the plastic version for many years and upgrade to the Stainless Steel. Delighted with this product, it makes short work of all veg, onions in

Excellent !
By Amazon Customer on 31 October 2015
Verified Purchase
I hope everyone to be as professional as this !
Excellent !!!

Good quality, but the Perspex top seems a little ...
By cookingqueen on 9 October 2015
Verified Purchase
Good quality, but the Perspex top seems a little flimsy. I hope I can get a replacement as this will no doubt break before the rest of the apparatus!

Best kitchen gadget I own
By Mr. Robert Shooter on 7 November 2009
Verified Purchase
The Alligator Onion chopper does exactly what it says on the tin, and then some. Here's how it works. Cut the onion in half, place it on the green grid, gently lever the bladed grid into place, and apply pressure. Job done. The perfectly chopped onion appears in the container and you can carry on chopping until it's full.

I've read some of the negative reviews. To be fair (1) I imagine that with a whole onion, the gadget struggles somewhat, and (2) there is a certain knack to closing the mouth of the alligator (ie applying pressure). It's certainly not for those with arthritis, for example. But once you've worked out the best way to exert a little force (and nothing excessive required), you're in business.

A Kitchen Gadget You Will Actually Use!
By R. A. Timlick on 11 November 2008
Verified Purchase
A fantastic gadget that actually does what it claims to. I used my first one so much I actually managed to break it and was lost until I got another. Brilliant for onions, but I also use it on an almost daily basis for carrots, potatoes, apples and anything else that needs dicing. Can do julienne strips but they turn out very thin so be warned. Also be warned not to try and cut too much at a time (particularly carrots) as it then becomes very hard to push down the cutter and you run the risk of damaging it (like this idiot did). Apart from that, I can't rate this simple gadget too highly. Oh, and it all goes in the dishwasher too - what more could you want?

Great Time Saver
By K. Floydon 1 June 2007
Verified Purchase
Brilliant product, as long as you remember to chop in half before slicing into tiny pieces, more force required to chop a whole onion! It makes those quick stir fry meals even quicker. Less time for eyes to burn and kitchen to smell, I love it!

There is a knack to using it, employ it, and you'll wonder how you ever lived without an Alligator
By Mrs. Katy L. Thompsonon 14 April 2009
Verified Purchase
I bought the original Alligator when it first came out back in 2004 and could not for the life of me get it to work. It drove me bananas & I eventually threw it out. Then I saw one being demonstrated in action, eureka! I had been operating it all wrong by pushing steadily down to try and close the jaws and it simply locked half way leaving me to try and prise all the pieces out, but now I saw how to use it properly.

The trick is to hit the end with a karate chop action, two or three blows depending on the hardness or softness of the the food you are trying to chop. The new improved design, which includes the perspex catching box which is brilliant for gathering several chops of pieces before you need to empty it, and also the little pull out cleaner, which automatically cleans between all the tiny cubes as you remove it after use, are certainly improvements on the original design, which was still in the fledging stage when I originally purchased.

I can quite see why people would write bad reviews of this item, but try the method I mention and it is a great item for onions, hard boiled eggs (for egg mayo) apples and so forth. I also have the mini one for garlic, chili and ginger. Next up for my purchase wish list is the deluxe stainless steel version. By the way I'm a cookery demonstrator & Home Economist, and my audiences are always impressed, intrigued & want one when I use my Alligators.

Katy Thompson - Home Economist & Aga Cookery Demonstrator

Great time saver
By Jo cook on 21 November 2006
Verified Purchase
This Alligator chopper is a great time saver and really chops onions, peppers,garlic, in no time at all. Chops into fine small cubes for curries soups etc. Easy collection in plastic top cover, will cut several onions,then slide off the top to use. Easy to clean, solid product.

I love my Alligator
By J. Ravnestad on 9 December 2008
Verified Purchase
I don't know why this got all the bad reviews. I absolutely adore my Alligator and it has made prep work much faster. I use it to chop any vegetable that can be chopped, it even goes right through carrots. It's simple and safe enough that my 5 year old can cut veggies while I do other things. The thing is it works best if things are laid a certain way, if they aren't it has a hard time shutting down. Best thing is to not try and force it because it can snap, which mine did, but it's still kicking regardless. If you do alot of cooking and need to save time, definitely invest in this little gadget, I love it. My only gripe is that it only cuts in one size.

Best kitchen gadget I own!
By MPH on 23 December 2009
Verified Purchase
I use this product 4-5 times per week for the last 18 months and still no problems. This is basically a great Swedish gadget to dice onions in seconds which has saved me hours!

I really don't know whats with the bad reviews. From what I can see it is people not knowing how to use the product properly. You need to peel the onion, cut off the ends, cut the onion vertically, then place flat side down in the alligator. You then need to close the top until you hit the onion, then swiftly and firmly press down to dice the onion (shouldn't be a problem unless you've got arthritis). If you are using very large onions you might need to cut them into quarters.

The product also washes fine in the dishwasher and includes plate/filter which you lift off after using to remove any onion peices etc. I don't know why a previous review stated it was hard to clean as it a breeze.

If you're the sort of person who will just rip it out the box, ignore the instructions and try and use it how you see fit, don't bother buying it, you will just get frustrated as some of the other reviewers. If you actually read the instructions and learn to use it properly, you will wish you had bought one years ago!

By J. mccormac on 21 October 2009
Verified Purchase
Really don't understand what some people are complaining about I found this little gem to be one of the most used items in my kitchen.
So what it does-cuts onions(so what if you have to cut an onion in half, it's a lot better than spending ages trying to get it into little pieces)tomatoes,cucumber, peppers, mushrooms, all chopped with ease. I even used to to cut feta cheese into little pieces for a greek salad.
It may not be great for hard veg like carrot potato parsnip etc haven't tried it yet(still might be fine if you slice them into small pieces)
Anyway I love it and anyone i've shown it too loves it as well
Nearly didn't buy it cause of a few 1 star reviews-glad I ignored them
Oh and it's really easy to clean too-that little plastic bit at the bottom that just lifts up is pure genius

It's a knack
By Mrs. Theresa Jackson on 20 February 2008
Verified Purchase
This is a great gadget, producing perfectly cubed onions with ease. The onion does have to be peeled and chopped in half and placed cut side down, then you simply bang the top down, it wont slide through the onion so some force is required, but a short sharp bang works best and the cubed onion is caught in the container on the top. It's also great for potatoes, carrots, cucumber, peppers etc etc. Not so great with tomatoes(too soft), parnsips(the woody centre gets caught)and swedes(too hard). Just a note that everything needs to be chopped to fit on the grid on the bottom so everything goes through the knives as they come down. Once you've got the knack it's a real time saving gadget.

Have bought one for my daughter now :-))
By kathyon 1 November 2013
Verified Purchase
I too am glad I ignored the poor reviews and bought one. I make chutneys and jams and have found it very useful for chopping onions, cooked beetroot, apples, pears. I haven't really used it for much else yet. Read Katy Thompson and MPH's reviews as they say how to use it. There is definitely a knack - I use Katy's method and give it two or three blows with the side of my clenched fist whilst my other hand is holding down the collector lid. Do not use overly hard blows as the side of your hand will hurt :-)). Do persevere until you've mastered the technique. I cut very large onions into quarters and also remove the first inner skin if it is wrinkly as that will tend to stick in the cutter. I even cut smaller onions in half as I don't think trying to chop whole onions, albeit small ones, would work. Is there an onion skin peeler as this is the worst part of the process!! The only down-side is that it chops 'one size, one shape' only. It would be nice if they bought out a version with interchangeable heads for different sizes and shapes.

You just need to turn it upside down!
By happybookreader on 1 July 2008
Verified Purchase
I can't believe the bad reviews for this excellent gadget. I use it every day, mainly for making salads. The trick is to position it upside down (mesh side down) over a sturdy plastic bowl, place sliced vegetables (or onion halves) straight on the mesh, then bring the other half down over the vegetables with a short sharp 'Karate' chop.
It works well for tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, onions, pitted olives, celery... etc. Carrots are a bit too hard, but you can do them as well if you slice them reasonably thinly. You'll get a bowlful of lovely healthy salad in no time at all! Really useful!

So Good I bought Another one
By Gordon P. Wills on 27 March 2009
Verified Purchase
My original Alligator was bought as Christmas present for my partner as a bit of a joke. However we have since found ourselves using this excellent equipment at least once a day. So impressed were we that when I broke our alligator (chopping carrots that were too large) we felt compelled to buy another straight away.

Excellent for small cafés and restaurants.
By Brian M. on 11 October 2013
Verified Purchase
I have a small food business and use a lot of diced onions on a daily / weekly basis. This speeds up the process ten fold and the dice is a great size and always even. There is a knack to it. You don't press slowly - you bang it down and it is quick and efficient. Bought one and then bought two more. One for home and one for backup as I don't want to be without this gadget ever again.

Just Great!
By Mrs ERW Burtonon 8 May 2016
Verified Purchase
Saw this being used by my daughter in law in California - brought home her recipes and HAD to buy this food chopper! It's great - everything chopping into even little squares and very attractive salads as a result!

waste of time" - then you use it
By cathymon 18 February 2015
Verified Purchase
this is a gadget that you look at and think "no, waste of time" - then you use it, and think "why did I leave it sitting in the box for so long". Love, love, love this. Have used to chop onions, peppers, mushrooms, apples - slight knack to it at first but you soon get the hang of it. Really speeds up preparation - a whole onion can be diced perfectly in a matter of seconds. Dead easy to clean also. Even my husband is a convert.

By Peter HJ on 3 January 2014
Verified Purchase
I bought this principally for the fine chopping of onions. It works perfectly! As other reviewers have stated, make sure the onion is cut in half first and then it will cope with even (half) large onions. However, the key to effective use, and I cannot emphasise this enough, is VERY firm, positive, downwards force right to the bottom of the stroke. DON'T BE WORRIED ABOUT USING SO MUCH FORCE YOU BREAK IT! I am 6' 3" and strong: I place both hands, one on top of each other, onto the Alligator and then, with all my weight, push down in one very firm fast stroke. The result is perfect! You need to be brave the first couple of times you try it! If you falter or ease back on the pressure the Alligator will get stuck mid-onion and there is no way to restart - you need to clean it out and start all over again. A great device!

Love it!!!
By BlueSkies on 28 August 2012
Verified Purchase
My Alligator Chopper arrived today and I love it! It usually takes me about approx 30-40 mins to prepare salad for our meals, ie cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, and red peppers and today, it took about say 10 mins which was a godsend and made preparing salads much more enjoyable cos we're always so rushed for time in preparing meals.

I sliced the tomatoes in half before putting them in the Alligator Chopper as I like our tomatoes squared, same with onions, ie I sliced them once sideways after cutting it in half, and with the cucumber, I sliced them first sideways and then put them through the Alligator to get nice even squares, and same with the lettuce, all came out so well and I was very impressed. If you want crudities, there's no need to slice them sideways as the veg would come out lengthwise, eg cucumber. Have't tried with carrots as we're not really into carrots at the moment. We prefer the softer veg.

Once the vegetables are on the chopper board, I push down hard with my hand to get a nice fast sharp chop motion, otherwise if it's done slowly and gently, the vegetables won't cut properly.

I'm going to enjoy making salads more often now rather than putting it off cos it takes so much time to do! Am very pleased!

Washing the product was a doddle too and very easy. I like that everything you need is compacted into as few bits as possible to do a full and complete job unlike mandolines. I've bought many mandolines of all sorts over the years trying to find the right machine to help us make salad making somewhat easier and I've sliced my fingers too many times on the mandolines which for me, has too many parts, cumbersome and feels dangerous cos of the really sharp blades; and doesn't produce the result that we want salad wise.

The Eddingtons Alligator Chopper does all we want, in chopping all our veg into square pieces, perfect for mixing into pasta and wraps! No more excuses now to eat junk food when we can quickly make some salad with pasta and/or wraps!

they are amazing. just put them on top of the bowl ...
By Mrs. Rachel A. Williamson 10 January 2015
Verified Purchase
My sister (from US) sent 2 sizes for Christmas present. I have just bought some more in other sizes. they are amazing. just put them on top of the bowl / dish etc and they immediate adhere - just lift up the lily pad and it holds all the weight of the bowl - just fantastic! saves all that cling film that never seals or sticks properly. They might seem expensive for just a bit of plastic just they are worth every penny!

It's All In The Knack of Using
By Mac56 on 4 March 2013
Verified Purchase
Bought one of these several years ago after seeing it being used on TV - rapidly consigned it to the back of the cupboard as couldn't get it to work. Recently retrieved it and thought would look on Amazon to see what other people had written about it. Found out from reading other reviews that the best way to use it is not to try to press down on it but rather to apply a karate blow. Tried it again using this technique - lower top to rest on top of veg and apply swift karate type sidewards blow. This worked a treat, almost got right through the veg and one more swift blow worked a treat. Do remember to put the plastic cover on though as without it the veg flew halfway across the kitchen! I used it successfully on carrots and onions. The onions were small so probably would have to cut larger ones in half first. I was amazed at the difference from when I first tried it using the pressing method. It's like a different machine and I will certainly be using it a lot in future. I would certainly advise trying it this way before giving up with it.

what a find!
By Avid Amazon Customeron 1 August 2011
Verified Purchase
Years of tears and runny nose due to onion chopping have now gone for ever. What a find! And thank you to all for the reviews. It does take a couple of attempts to get the hang of it, but so much is gained from owning such a piece of kitchen equipment. A very simple to use, robust, quality product. Highly recommended to those who often chop for their cooking.

Alligator Chopper
By Carnallochy on 8 January 2012
Verified Purchase
I make soup with lots of vegetables from time to time and find dicing them all finely a chore. I don't like the product of my food processors nor the washing up afterwards. I also know a couple of people with weakness of hand or wrist, so I chose this device both to use myself and to try out on their behalf.
The chopper is excellent for the softer, more succulent vegetables. Onions it does well, although I find that laying them on the base with the top and bottom of the onion on the long axis of the base works better than crosswise, as shown in the literature. Peppers, leeks and mushrooms work well, as do potatoes. I find it easiest with potatoes to start with ¼" or 6mm slices. You can do carrots in a similar way providing you do small pieces at a time (as with leeks, if they are large). I am not sure that it is quicker than dicing the hard way with carrots, though. The golden rule is not to try to do too big a piece of anything at a time or it won't cut through and you'll spend longer freeing it from the grid than it would have taken to chop by hand!
It can take considerable force to use so I will not be getting one for my less able friends. Provided you load it sensibly this is a very good product and it won't be a dust gatherer in my kitchen. It could not be easier to take apart and cleaning is a breeze. I don't put it in the dishwasher, which can erode sharp edges, I find.

Love it!!!!
By Lexxyon 27 March 2015
Verified Purchase
I bought this after seeing one my friend had. It is bit fiddly to get the hang of but once you do chopping onions will never be the same again! Just line up the onion on the middle lower the blade onto onion and then really firmly hit the rest of the way in one movement.

No more tears
By Serendib on 30 September 2014
Verified Purchase
As other reviewers have mentioned this takes a bit of welly to get it moving (I put it on the floor and use my foot to press down on it) but it works wonderfully well. As someone who could only shop onions while wearing full protective eyewear it's a godsend. No more tears, and saves a huge amount of time when chopping lots of onions. Wish I'd bought one sooner.

I use it everyday now, fantatic product!
By Wes on 15 January 2015
Verified Purchase
Once you know how to use it and how to pre-cut vedge into the right size first, this then is amazing.
I found i can make better tasting food and be more creative. I am no good at chooping things small,
this does it all for me. I use it everyday now, fantatic product!

Already indispensable!
By Alexander G.on 30 September 2013
Verified Purchase
This item has added a new dimension to my kitchen. Fab for onions - which is why I bought it. Also amazing for raw beetroot, apples. carrots and lots more. Sometimes I find it best to pre-slice things to get the result I want but it still saves lots of time. I quickly realised I should have bought the chipper attachment at the same time as I sometimes want larger pieces. I'm now awaiting its arrival! So order it at the same time! And for those concerned by comments about struggling to get it to work, it definitely needs a sharp karate-chop style action!

By Anna Mayer on 7 March 2011
Verified Purchase
As I always hated chopping onions I have been looking for a device to do this for me and found it.
This item is most amazing; easy to use and clean. I would not be without it now. Thanks.

great product
By jb on 19 April 2016
Verified Purchase
I took a punt on this, and am very glad I did. It chops onions in seconds - exactly what it promises to do. Note that to dice an onion, you need to cut the onion lengthwise initially.

Alligator chopper
By Eric Edwards on 27 April 2012
Verified Purchase
I am very pleased and impressed, albeit a bit skeptical at first, about buying this chopper as I wanted it for slicing onions for my curry making. As I make a stock curry to provide several weeks I needed something 'man enough' for the job. There are some available that are certainly not up to the job and takes as much effort as doing it by hand.

This is not the case with the Alligator, and is a dream to use. Even my wife with her arthritic hands can use it after I showed the way, which is simplicity in itself.

I can fully recommend this chopper but make sure you get the one with the plastic housing that collects the chopped items. The Alligator comes with this 'collector' so there's no problems, and at the cost, it's not worth looking for a second hand one.

Nifty little time saving gadget!
By J20 on 28 January 2012
Verified Purchase
I already have one of these that i bought about 2 years ago. The reason i have now bought another one is that if the one i have got breaks,and i imagine it eventually will as it is plastic!,i would be lost without it! Quite simply it makes the chore of dicing go away and cuts preperation time to virtually nothing! I have also found that when i have to use diced onions in a recipe that not only does it do the job quickly but i am not crying my eyes out at the end of it! This is an invaluable tool to someone that loves to cook and have found that when a recipe calls for something to be diced,onions,carrots,celery whatever,it does not fill me with dread at having to spend forever having to do the task but i gleefully get my dicer down and do the job in minutes!! Would recommend a thousand times over!

Couldn't do without
By 7038033 on 19 June 2013
Verified Purchase
Arrived promptly. Amazing product, wished had purchased one a long time ago. Joy to use, makes chopping salads a real pleasure and in a fraction of the time. Soft items need a certain amount of care and technique, first tomatoes a mess but once found how no problem. Thinking of purchasing another one and chipper attachment. Wish company had different type of fixing for container so could seal with lids. Expensive for spares but worth it.

I am in love with it ;)
By Inga on 30 January 2013
Verified Purchase
I cannot imagine my kitchen without one. It is great for chopping onions, soft vegetables and even hard ones (if you cut them up in smaller piecies in advance) though because I do use it on a such hard vegetables as fresh celeriac and swede the chopper I am using now is a 3rd in a row. However any one of them has been with me for at least a year or two so I consider it's still well spent money in face of all the time I have saved with it.

By G. D. Cantoon 11 September 2011
Verified Purchase
This product is very nice to my job to cut vegetable, easy to clean.
I recomend this thing for the kitchen

Definitely worth getting
By K. Choudhury on 1 November 2011
Verified Purchase
I bought this after the frustration of chopping a large number of onions, whereas the onions took forever to cut and not to mention the frustration and unpleasantness of the tears that come with it, this nifty little gadget takes a few moments to do it, yes you do need to apply a bit of pressure and as others have said once you get the hang of it, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it; no more onion tears! Easy to clean to which has been a gripe of mine with gadgets like this, go on give it a go, and it can of course do other vegetables not just onions.

best kitchen gadget ever
By Amazon Customeron 14 December 2011
Verified Purchase
My eyes sting like bejesus when I cut onions, not only do I cry, but my eyes hurt for about 20 minutes afterwards. Many's the time the bf has come home to see me wearing swimming goggles while cutting onions. This is THE most efficient way of dicing up onions. Even if you don't cut them very often, the effort this saves you is awesome. And so easy to wash up too. Highly highly recommend - my parents saw mine and instantly bought one for themselves.

Does what it's supposed to do!
By ioz8qcp on 2 May 2012
Verified Purchase
The chopper works flawlessly!
I've chopped onions, carrots, mushrooms, apples, potatoes, nuts, peppers etc. It saves you quite a lot of time. Incredibly easy to wash, but also a bit dangerous since the blades are really, really sharp. When i first bought it my corridor mates were laughing at me... Now they're asking me to use it, all twelve of them!

By J. Bucklandon 8 November 2011
Verified Purchase
This is not a gadget but a product that works perfectly. The initial problem I had with the cutting was because I hadn't read the instructions! You don't press, but give it a sharp 'bash' with the heel of your hand and you have perfectly chopped veg. Lovely to dice a variety of veg then add them to stock for an instant (almost) soup, or dice tomatoes, onions, peppers for a quick salsa. Cannot fault it.

No more onion tears!
By J Williamson 22 March 2013
Verified Purchase
Great item - I love cooking but hate chopping onions. This gadget does it quickly and efficiently and I can get on with the recipe without constantly mopping my tears. Easy to dismantle and clean. Have just bought one for my son too.

Time saver
By Mark on 20 March 2012
Verified Purchase
Wish I had discovered this before now! So easy to use. So effective. Cuts down veg preparatory time considerably. Have used for onions, carrots and peppers so far. Excellent results for all three. A piece of design brilliance. Well worth the money.

Love it
By Mrs. N. Vellaon 13 November 2012
Verified Purchase
I hate slicing/chopping onions and love this gadget. You need to remember to cut the onions up into quarters or even eighths and it does take a bit of strength to push it own - but well worth it.

What's not to like?
By MartinV on 11 June 2011
Verified Purchase
I find the negative reviews on here very perplexing.
I've found this to be excellent in all respects; simple, lightening
fast onion chopping and very easy to clean. Highly recommended.

Great gadget. Easy to clean too
By Lau on 27 May 2015
Verified Purchase
Great gadget. Very sharp. Keep away from small fingers. Needs a good push down (made me worry is break it) on the half onion to chop, but cuts through it with ease once you get the idea.

great product with sharp blades - be careful not to cut yourself
By Indana Jones on 20 July 2016
Verified Purchase
I love this product as we cut a lot of onions for Indian currys. This makes the whole process so much faster and cuts to exactly the right size. Never want to be without my Alligator

Excellent product
By Ray Son 22 September 2014
Verified Purchase
Works brilliantly if you give it a firm thump. I used to hate chopping onions - now I love the process. For those who find it a bit difficult to use, there's a good video on YouTube.

alligator cutter,
By Audrey kerray on 28 June 2014
Verified Purchase
I think this is a great item to have in the kitchen no chopping and saves a lot of time great cutter thinking of getting the slicer now my son had one and I had to get one myself.

everyone must have one!
By Olga Baigozinaon 27 January 2016
Verified Purchase
Love it! It's been a year since I bought it now and still works great - can't live without it :) extremely easy to use and clean! ideal for salads, potatoes and other vegetables.

A really good gadget, takes a little getting use to as ...
By Mrs A G C Dunnon 25 November 2014
Verified Purchase
A really good gadget, takes a little getting use to as you have to press down really hard and at first you are a bit nervous but it is fine, chops really well and easy to clean.

Great little gadget.
By Southcoaster on 23 July 2012
Verified Purchase
Being more into salads these days, and I love gadgets so this is perfect.
Well made & robust for finely chopping carrots, courgettes, cucumber etc.

Quality product!
By pauline on 19 May 2014
Verified Purchase
Excellent quality and really good value for money! Very happy with this product and would highly recomment it! Received it within a week!