The Original Swedish Alligator Chopper. Inspires you to create delicious and healthy meals

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Alligator Stainless Steel food chopper.

This is the most dependable, well-constructed food chopper you will ever use. Consistent cuts, quick and easy cleanup, solid stainless steel construction, and its dishwasher safe.

The modern stainless steel construction will not only compliment your gorgeous cooking space, but it will be the last kitchen chopper you ever have to buy.
With three blades & no mess, each chopper comes equipped with three interchangeable blades to combat various food types, and the collector cleverly keeps what is chopped in one spot.

  • Professional Grade 
  • Includes 3 interchangeable blades
  • 3x3, 6x6 and 12x12 mm (1/8", 1/4" & 1/2")
  • Very safe to use and easy to clean up

PRICE: USD 129.99 (Free Shipping)        


A collection box for Alligator 3093 Stainless Steel version. Made of Tritan plastic.
PRICE:  $14.90 Free Shipping


2 pcs of 6x6mm (1/4") blade that fits Alligator 3093 Stainless Steel version.
PRICE: $49.00 Free Shipping


2 pcs of Cleaning Grids in ABS plastic that fits 3093 Alligator Stainless Steel version
PRICE: $7.49 Free Shipping


Blade set Collection 3x3, 6x6 and 12x12 mm (1/8, 1/4, 1/2") blade set.
PRICE: $49.99 Free Shipping

Alligator Black Edition

Alligator Chopper cuts sticks and cubes in one stroke and, the collector cleverly collects what you have chopped and helps block the fumes from reaching your eyes. With this manual tool and finger protection design, your fingers will be out of the reach from the sharp edges. The rubber feet create stability on the work surface.

3079B (6mm | 1/4")
Alligator Chopper

Standard size for Batonnet Julienne cut
Sharp Stainless Steel blades
The most used blade size 
Onion, fine french fries, bell peppers, etc.
PRICE:  $38.99 (Free Shipping)

3008B (6x6 & 12 mm | 1/4" + 1/2")
Alligator Chopper Set

This set combines the most used blade size with an attachment for courser cuts for french fries, chunkier pieces of produce for soups and pickling.
PRICE: $49.99 (Free Shipping)

3007B (3x3 & 6x6 mm | 1/8" + 1/4")
Alligator Chopper Set

The Alligator Chopper is great for chopping onions, carrots, or any other vegetable. Use the Mini Chopper for garlic, olives, onion, or radish.
PRICE: $59.99 (Free Shipping)

Scandinavian Simplicity

Alligator is a Swedish invention, patented worldwide selling products and guaranteed quality. It’s a must-have wonder in home and professional kitchens. 

Invigorate your cooking expertise with this excellent food cutting tool. Achieve professional results without any particular skills or talent. Perfect for onions, garlic, fruit, vegetables, and more.

  • Inspires you to create more delicious and healthy meals
  • Spend less time preparing food & more time enjoying it
  • Safer than any kitchen knife

The Alligator's Backbone

The Stainless Steel blades, created by South Korean masters and sharpened to perfection. Our blades are manufactured in world-class facilities, with top-of-the-line equipment, by craftsmen who’ve been honing their skills for decades. We are experts in the area of precision strip grinding, providing the sharpest, most consistent cutting edges. The quality of the blades is the key to Alligator’s excellent reputation and success.

Always sharp! No more mushing foods with your old chopper. The sharp beveled Alligator blades cleanly cut through most types of food. They won’t rust; won’t retain flavors or smells

True to Swedish simplicity and elegance, the idea is to save you energy and time while preparing precise cuts of food. Alligator makes the laborious task of preparing precise cuts of fruit and vegetables quick, safe, and fun. You have perfectly diced onions, tomatoes, or potatoes in one stroke.

Alligator Original Choppers

Original replacement parts

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