For a normal household use the warranty limit time is two (2) years. To claim please find your purchase receipt and scan or take a picture of it.

For our professional users (restaurants, catering etc) the warranty is upon agreement.

All Alligator products are dishwasher safe, but we recommend you to rinse under hot water and use a brush. This way the blades stay sharper and the lifetime of your Alligator will be longer.

Note: Don't wash the thin mesh (cleaning grid) in the dishwasher!

If it breaks
Normally you'll enjoy your Alligator for many years, but accidents happen. If it's newer than two years and you have the receipt contact the place where you bought it. You can always contact us and we'll try to help you the best we can

Spare parts/ Accessories
You can purchase almost all parts of your Alligator, start with visiting our online store and see if you find it there. If not, contact us!

Tips & Tricks Onion Stuck when Chopping. Snap it shut!

3074 The Collector (Collection Box)

The Cleaning Grid

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