3002G. Chopper Set

Alligator Chopper Set, chopping, dicing vegetables. The Original and Patentad vegetable chopper.

Your kitchen toolbox

The Alligator Chopper Set combines some of our popular Alligator products in one box. Each set contains:

1 x Alligator Chopper with Collector
1 x Alligator Chipper Attachment
1 x Alligator Mini Chopper
1 x Collector for Alligator Chopper

  • Alligator chopper cuts sticks and cubes measuring 6 mm x 6 mm
  • Collectors cleverly place what is chopped in one spot
  • Alligator chipper attachment cuts sticks and cubes measuring 12 mm x 12 mm
  • Alligator mini chopper cuts sticks and cubes measuring 3 mm x 3 mm
  • Makes cutting and prep work easy
  • Perfect for cutting onions, garlic, fruits and vegetables
  • Each chopper has a grid of stainless-steel blades
  • Design of the blades ensures consistent cuts
  • Blades are set on hinged arms that use leverage to cut with little effort
  • Small chopper makes fast work of mincing ingredients such as garlic or onion
  • Chopper has many uses, but is especially great at dicing onions, since the top not only keeps everything neatly contained but also helps block the fumes from reaching your eyes
  • Large chipper is able to julienne, tough root vegetables with little effort making it great for french fries
  • Mesh screen fits onto each base and can be lifted to free any trapped food for easy clean-up
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
Alligator Chopper Set
Article number: 3002G
EAN barcode: 7 350007 792266
Master Carton: 6 pcs.

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