3079G. Alligator Chopper with Collector

Save time and tears!

Alligator Chopper cuts sticks and cubes in one stroke and, the collector cleverly collects what you have chopped and helps block the fumes from reaching your eyes. With this manual tool and finger protection design, your fingers will be out of the reach from the sharp edges. The rubber feet create stability on the work surface.

The 6x6 mm (1/4”) grid of stainless steel blades provides a great everyday standard size.

Chop onions, cucumber, and carrot julienne or make your salsa with bell peppers and diced tomatoes. Fine French Fries is prepared by letting your Alligator cut the potatoes into batonnet sticks. This blade size is the most commonly used in home kitchens around the world.

  • Inspires you to create more delicious and healthy meals
  • Spend less time food prep and more time enjoying it
  • 2-year function warranty (blades and collector box)
    10-year material warranty (plastic body)
Alligator Chopper and Dicer
Alligator Chopper with collector
Article number: 3079G
EAN barcode: 7 350007 792082
Master Carton: 12 pcs.
HS: 8214900000

Always be careful when handling the sharp blades in use or cleaning.

About Strip Cuts

Translated literally from French, batonnet means "little stick".  The batonnet measures approximately 1/4 inch x 1/4 inch x 2-2.5 inches 
(6mm x 6mm x 5–6 cm). It is also the starting point for the small dice.

Referred to as the allumette when dealing with potatoes, and sometimes also called the "matchstick cut" (which is the translation of "allumette" from French), the julienne measures approximately 1/8 inch × 1/8 inch × 1-2 inches (3mm × 3mm × 3–5 cm).  It is also the starting point for the brunoise cut.

Fine julienne
The fine julienne measures approximately 1/16 inch × 1/16 inch × 1-2 inches (1.5mm × 1.5mm × 3–5 cm), and is the starting point for the fine brunoise cut.

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